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Exploring the Relationship Between Pain and Health: Is Pain Always a Bad Thing?

Is pain always bad? This is a common question I get asked a lot and for many, the answer would depend on each unique situation. Pain is by itself a (neutral) signal. It is a signal that gets processed by the brain that there is something going on and that you should go investigate. When you stub your toe, it is your toe where you feel the pain is, but it is the information that travels up to your brain, where it gets processed and interpreted, leading you to feel pain in your toe.  


There are certain times when you need to feel pain to grow. For example, when you exercise and workout, you are actively breaking down muscle fibers in order to make them stronger. Without the pain, you will never be able to get stronger. There is a saying that the absence of pain typically prevents growth. 


Don’t seek to avoid pain, seek to understand pain.


What pains have you endured that have helped you grow stronger?

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