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New Insoles

Medical Devices

Custom Products in Markham

Medical devices such as custom made orthotics, compression stockings and braces can help facilitate healing, reduce pain and correct abnormalities. We are able to assess and dispense these high quality products within our clinic.

New Insoles


Orthotics benefit various foot and lower body issues, offering relief for flat feet, high arches, foot, knee, hip, and low back pain. A gait analysis, foot exam, and 3D scan guide the production of personalized orthotics, enhancing comfort for active individuals and those on their feet for extended periods.

Dotted Blue Socks

Compression Stockings

Enhance blood flow with compression hosiery like socks, stockings, and pantyhose. Choose from diverse options to suit your style and lifestyle, including business, sports, knee-high, thigh-high, and various colors for both men and women.

Leg Injury


Custom bracing supports various body parts, aiding healing or preventing injuries. It provides adaptable support, allowing activity during recovery, with rigidity tailored to your condition and lifestyle.

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