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Chiropractic care in Markham

Chiropractic care involves manual therapy which may include mobilizations or manipulations. Mobilizations are slow movements that stretch the joint and help to increase range of motion. Manipulations or adjustments, are quick movements that also help to restore proper range of motion to joints that are restricted or not moving well.

Conditions that respond well to chiropractic treatment

 Tension Headaches

 Migraine Headaches

 TMJ/Jaw Pain

 Neck Pain


 Shoulder Pain

Mid Back Pain

 Rib Pain

 Low Back Pain

 Disc Herniations

 Sacroiliac Pain


Joint Sprains

 Muscle Strains



 Overuse injuries

 Chronic Pain

"Modern Health Clinic is my go-to Chiro spot, it's clean and the staff is great at what they do. The booking is always responsive which makes things easier! Adrian is professional and cares to ensure that you get the best treatment!"

Harry C.

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