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3 Simply ways to prevent Back Pain

Hour-long morning commute? Desk job? Here are a few easy but effective ways to avoid getting a pain in your back.

40 percent of work absences in Canada are due to back pain (second only to the common cold). We chatted with Dr. Adrian Chow, a chiropractor at Modern Health Clinic in Markham, Ontario, about what we can do to stay on our feet to prevent back pain. Here are a few tips to incorporate in your daily routine.

Get active

Chow stresses that being physically active not only helps increase circulation, but prevent and manage injuries related to muscles and joints. Also, did you know exercise is an effective way to relieve stress?

Strengthen your core

Strengthening your back, abdominals, buttocks, sides and pelvis isn’t just for beach day; it can also improve your posture and balance. “It can help ease back pain and prevent further strain and injury,” says Chow. “Strong core muscles take pressure off your back and help align your spine.”

Avoid prolonged sitting

“For every hour of sitting, take a 30-second break,” says Chow. “Stand up, stretch, move around or get a drink of water and return to sitting. Set an alarm on your phone or add sticky notes to your workstation to help you remember.”

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