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The Importance of Prevention

Who here brushes their teeth? Twice a day? Floss? See the dentist once a year? Why do we all do this? Is it because we have pain, that is why we perform these habits?

Most of us who do these habits - don’t do it because of pain. We do it because we want to prevent pain. We want to prevent gum disease, cavities, gingivitis, root canals, bad breath, and others. We call this habit or practice - good dental hygiene. Similarly, we all have one spine. What activities are we doing to ensure we have good spinal hygiene? Exercising? Stretching? Walking? Cycling? Yoga? Pilates? Raking? Like our teeth, we must make sure we take the necessary precautions to maintain and protect our one spine.

Comment below what your spinal hygiene routine looks like

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